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The ALL-IN-ONE Sterile Surgical Tourniquet

HemaClear®— The No Buttons, No Tubing, No Electricity, No Smell, No Beeps or Leaks Surgical Tourniquet.

HemaClear® is a sterile, single use only surgical tourniquet that gives the surgeon a much larger surgical field with greater visibility, enhancing surgical performance and outcomes.

Simply place HemaClear over the patient’s fingers or toes, hold the handles and pull proximally.

The silicone ring inside HemaClear rolls up the limb while the stockinette sleeve covers it. The pressure from the ring exsanguinates the limb as it is applied and blocks blood flow at the occlusion site.

HemaClear® features & benefits:
  • Exsanguinates: The rolling action of the occlusive silicone ring pushes standing blood out of the surgical field.
  • Occludes: HemaClear stops blood flow to the limb for up to 2 hours.
  • Creates a sterile field: HemaClear is a sterile, single-use tourniquet. When you apply HemaClear, you also apply a sterile stockinette at the same time.
  • Increases the surgical field: At 1” wide, works without compromising or blocking access to the surgical field.
  • Simple and Cost Effective: HemaClear eliminates the need for Tourniquet machine, Tourniquet cuff, Esmarch bandage, Webril or Stockinette.

HemaClear in 3 Easy Steps

HemaClear Outperforms Pneumatic Cuffs

Set-up time

Ease of use






< 1 minute

Just grab and pull

Sterility reduces infection rates;
Low incidence of complications

Requires no OR large capital equipment

A single disposable expense, no maintenance fees.


Pneumatic Cuffs

15 minutes

Multiple OR personnel, complicated equipment

Non-sterile, risk of infection, higher risk of complication

Multiple device

Disposable equipment plus
extra OR time.


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