100% Bone.
Proven to form Bone.
Every Lot.

PentOS OI™ allografts must demonstrate all five elements of bone formation before they are released for use. Post sterilization in-vivo testing on each lot must demonstrate the presence of new bone, bone marrow, osteocytes, cartilage and chondrocytes within 28 days in an athymic rat model otherwise we don’t call it PentOS OI™.

In-vitro tests of PentOS OI™ have demonstrated native levels of BMP-2 up to 19 times the native levels in the control.

PentOS OI™ Max

100% Allograft Hydratable Inductive Matrix


Create your customized osteoinductive graft by combining PentOS OI™ Max, a 100% allograft Inductive Collagen Matrix (ICM) with your choice of blood, BMA, PRP, I-PRF or simply saline to form a moldable graft which:

  • is cell friendly,

  • independent laboratory in vitro studies show to be able to maintain between 96% and 116% cell viability after 72 hours.

PENTOS OI™ Max is an osteoinductive matrix - not diluted by any carriers.

Available jar sizes: 1cc and 2.5cc (5cc  and 10cc - available for special orders)

PentOS OI™ Putty

100% Allograft DBM Putty


PentOS OI™ Putty is made from 100% human bone without any additional diluent or carriers to diminish its osteoinductive properties. EVERY lot used to manufacture PentOS OI™ products is verified to be osteoinductive and histologically demonstrates all five elements of bone formation. Proven to form bone. Every time. It’s that simple!

Available syringe sizes: 1cc, 2.5cc and 5cc ( 10cc - available for special orders)

PentOS OI™ Flex

100% Allograft Flexible Veneer Graft


PentOS OI™ Flex is a 1 mm thick osteoinductive, demineralized cortical bone graft. When hydrated, this veneer graft becomes pliable and easily adapts to graft sites that would be difficult to treat with particulate or putty grafts. These characteristics make PentOS OI™ Flex ideally suited for onlay grafting for the repair of shallow bone defects or bone loss.

Available sizes: 10x10mm, 15x15mm and 17x10mm


PentOS OI™ Sponge

100% Allograft Compressible Bone Matrix

PentOS OI™ Sponge is a strip made of cancellous and demineralized bone, it is available as blocks.

Blocks: 10mm³ and 12mm³