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Citgagenix orthopaedic, spine, trauma and plastic surgery products
Specialty grafting solutions

Citagenix has teamed up with world leading companies to be able to offer you cutting edge musculoskeletal grafting technologies.

Whether you’re repairing an ACL, filling a boney defect, or planning a revision arthroplasty, doing it right depends on being able to easily source the essential grafts and technology. Citagenix is the partner you can depend on to safely and consistently provide tissue and devices. We are the experts you can trust to serve as a knowledgeable resource on the latest innovations; a hands-on partner who provides personalized service and helps you achieve the outcomes you want by understanding the subtleties of your unique practice and surgical techniques. For a trusted and proven partner like this, there is only Citagenix.

When it comes to bone and tissue regeneration, our knowledge and experience in the medical device industry is unmatched, giving Canadian health care providers one convenient place to turn to for dependable access to the widest variety of existing and emerging products.

We attend shows globally, searching the world for the best products and staying current on the latest tissue repair innovations. We offer multiple types of off-theshelf bone grafts and even more options for structural allografts.

Specialty grafting solutions
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